Zodiacal Light

by Energy 2000

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"The intimate connection between solar outbursts, auroras, and terrestrial magnetism is an established fact...now assume the zodiacal light to consist of solid particles of matter - planet dust - shining by reflected light, and it is not difficult to imagine the aurora playing amongst these tiny worlds, each of which may have its own small magnetic system, swayed like our own by the master magnet, the sun..."

- E.H. Pringle, Camp Udapi, South Canara, October 3, 1873

"To persons not familiar with the subject of this work, it may be proper to state that the Zodiacal Light is a brightness which appears in the western sky after sunset, and before sunrise in the East, following closely the line of the ecliptic in the heavens, and stretching upwards to various elevations, according to the seasons of the year...as the seasons advance when the ecliptic is declining gradually towards the horizon, the zodiacal light fades away, till it is perhaps entirely lost, or can be seen only by those who have followed it in its changes night after night and are thus able, by familiar acquaintance, to detect and trace its dim markings upon the sky."

- Rev. George Jones, A.M. "Observations on the Zodiacal Light", United States Japan Expedition, April 1853

Recorded January 11, 2015 at Minimum Wage Studios RVA.
Released February 12, 2016 courtesy of Cleopatra Records.


released February 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Energy 2000 Richmond, Virginia

Inspired by long pan reverb, tremolo, delay, vintage amplification, 1960s-era Fender Mustang guitars, obscure surf rock, warm pad synth sounds, sci-fi radio shows from the early 1950s, still images captured on 70 mm Kodak Panatomic-X fine-grained 80 ASA b/w film, moon bounces, and the incredibly rich spectrum of emotion associated with attempting to comprehend the beautiful vastness of space. ... more

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