Wind, Sand, & Stars

by Energy 2000

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"Below on the ground, the watchful radio men in their shacks take down submissively in their notebooks the dictation of their comrade in the air…and so they fly on, with no thought that they are in motion. Like night over the sea they are very far from the earth, from towns, from trees. The motors fill the lighted chamber with a quiver that changes its substance. The clock ticks on. The dials, the radio lamps, the various hands and needles go through their invisible alchemy..."

“The first stars tremble as if shimmering in green water...hours must pass before their glimmer hardens into the frozen glitter of diamonds. I shall have a long wait before I witness the soundless frolic of the shooting stars. In the profound darkness of certain nights I have seen the sky streaked with so many trailing sparks that it seemed to me a great gale must be blowing through the outer heavens...”

- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, "Wind, Sand, & Stars," 1939


released March 31, 2016

Cover image credit: NASA/ASU/JSC
Iran, East of Shiraz, Persepolis Ruins/Salt Lakes

Special thanks to Mike Ngai for contributing the saxophone parts on "Wind, Sand, & Stars." Thanks also to Jonathan Falls for contributing the trumpet parts on "Guillaumet" and to Natalie Falls for improvising the flute part on "Critical Opalescence." And of course, thanks to fellow space rangers Danny B and Vlad Cuiujuclu for the cosmic bass lines and spooky guitar.



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Energy 2000 Richmond, Virginia

Inspired by long pan reverb, tremolo, delay, vintage amplification, 1960s-era Fender Mustang guitars, obscure surf rock, warm pad synth sounds, sci-fi radio shows from the early 1950s, still images captured on 70 mm Kodak Panatomic-X fine-grained 80 ASA b/w film, moon bounces, and the incredibly rich spectrum of emotion associated with attempting to comprehend the beautiful vastness of space. ... more

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