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“Some of the most spectacular sights during the flight were sunsets. The sun is perfectly round as it approaches the horizon. It retains most of its symmetry until just the last sliver is visible. The horizon on each side of the sun is extremely bright, and when the sun has gone down to the level of this bright band of the horizon, it seems to spread out to each side of the point where it is setting. With the camera I caught the flattening of the sun just before it set...."

"And as the sun moves toward the horizon, a black shadow of darkness moves across the Earth until the whole surface, except for the bright band at the horizon, is dark. This band is extremely bright just as the sun sets, but as time passes the bottom layer becomes a bright orange and fades into red, then on into the darker colors, and finally off into the blues and blacks. One thing that surprised me was the distance the light extends on the horizon on each side of the point of the sunset...They were brilliantly colored hues and the colors stretched out from the sun to the horizon … sort of like a spectrograph..."

Special thanks to Taylor Robinson and Vlad Cuiujuclu for the creamy guitar textures and Mike Ngai for the steamy sax parts. And of course to the late Mercury astronaut John Glenn, who made all of this possible.


released February 20, 2017

Cover Image Credit: NASA/JSC/ASU
Algeria, Erg-Er-Raoui, Gran Erg Occidental, Erg Iguidi, South of Bechar



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Energy 2000 Richmond, Virginia

Inspired by long pan reverb, tremolo, delay, vintage amplification, 1960s-era Fender Mustang guitars, obscure surf rock, warm pad synth sounds, sci-fi radio shows from the early 1950s, still images captured on 70 mm Kodak Panatomic-X fine-grained 80 ASA b/w film, moon bounces, and the incredibly rich spectrum of emotion associated with attempting to comprehend the beautiful vastness of space. ... more

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